About Our School

Cape Coral Christian School is a ministry sponsored by Cape Coral Community Church and is located in the heart of the City of Cape Coral. We are committed to offering Lee County students grades K3 – 12th quality, affordable Christian education.

The staff of Cape Coral Christian School realizes that parents are faced with challenges in the spiritual, academic, and social training of their children. We consider it a privilege and honor to be able to side by side with you in meeting the needs of your child in these areas. It is our goal to provide each student with the knowledge and character training necessary to become successful in life.

Our Vision

Provide each student with the knowledge and character training necessary to become successful in life.

Growing Your Family

We partner with families to grow children, grow character, and grow as a school. We have great plans, just as God has great plans for each of your children. Grow with us.

What We Teach

About God

God is the Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe. He is perfect in holiness and love He is the Father of Jesus Christ He is our Father, ever-present to provide for our needs.

About the Bible

The Bible is the inspired Word of God It is the guide to our beliefs and our living.

About Jesus Christ

He is the Holy begotten Son and Word of God. He sacrificed His life to redeem the world He arose from the dead and is the King of life He will return for His Church and end the battle of evil against good.

About Man

Man is by nature sinful and cannot make himself good Man becomes righteous by accepting God’s forgiveness for sin through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross He receives “abundant life” now and everlasting life through his relationship to Jesus Christ.

About the Holy Spirit

He is the ever-present Spirit of God the Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ He is the inner guide of believers and impresses persons everywhere of the truth of Christ’s teachings He is the cleansing agent of the mind and soul and the supplier of spiritual power each person needs to overcome evil.

Join us on the Journey