We believe in personalized teaching, whole-student learning, and the application of academic skills to life. Your child’s growth is our goal.


Cape Coral Christian School offers a highly individualized program of classes from     K-12th grade.

We combine the assets of Alpha-Omega, Horizons, Ignitia and Abeka curriculums to provide the right education for each child.

Our 11:1 teacher-student ratio keeps learning personal and accountable.


Cape Coral Christian School participates in the nationally ranked MAP testing system. Students do not take FSA or state standardized tests.

The MAP Test (Measures of Academic Progress) creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual.

College/Advanced Education

At Cape Coral Christian School it is our goal to prepare students for college. Below are just some of the scholarship programs available, testing for college placement, and how to get an early start at college.



Amy Marcoux – Principal

Robin Driscoll – Business Admin.

Sean Mallion – Assistant Principal

Stephanie Fearn – Academic Admin.

Donna LaMay

Dave Emeric



Samantha Reese

Diane Caffrey

Dana Barker

Dawn Kaltsounis

Heather Crouse

Danielle Wolfe

Erin Webb

Lauren Stephan