Beyond School

Your family’s relationship to your school is bigger than a school day. We offer lots of extra-curricular opportunities, flexible care options, and a partnership that extends beyond school hours.

Extended Care

We offer on-site extended care for students arriving before 7:30 am or remaining after 3:00 pm in a dedicated space supervised by staff.

See our financial info packet for details.

Character Education

We are as focused on our students’ heart and soul as their mind and body. We offer daily chapel, text grounded in faith, and a relationship with our church as part of our students’ everyday experiences. Our teachers reinforce and develop character, and morality.

Recognition and Extra-Curricular

We reinforce achievement with events such as Star Day, award programs, opportunities such as a regular book fair, character days, and school-wide celebrations.

Personalized Discipline

Discipline is a positive and personal endeavor, and is approached from a whole-family standpoint. We know our students, their goals, their challenges, and we work hand-in-hand with family to enable success.